• Q: I'm trying to reset my password, why am I not receiving a password reset email?
    A: Unconfirmed accounts cannot receive password reset emails, please check that you have received a confirmation email and clicked the CONFIRM ACCOUNT link in it.
  • Q: Why does the link in my password reset or account confirmation email say "Invalid Token" when I open it?
    A: The links that are sent in password reset and account confirmation emails are only valid for 3 days. If it has been longer than this since they were sent you will need to send a new one from HERE for password resets or HERE for account confirmations.
  • Q: Why didn't I receive an account confirmation email when I created my account?
    A: Make sure that you spelt your email address correctly when registering an account, to check that your account was created under the correct email you can try and register another account with the same email address. If you spelt your account email correctly but still didn't receive a confirmation email try resending the confirmation HERE.
  • Q: What is the password requirement for accounts?
    A: Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and contain at least 1 letter, number, and special character.
  • Q: How and where is Data stored?
    A: All data is securely stored on Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud service, ensuring top-notch security and reliability. Active storage is localised to the Australia East region (spread across NSW) with a guarantee of Australia-only data residency for all other data such as backups.
  • Q: If a plan link is shared with multiple people to provide input, does everyone have access to the responses?
    A: Yes. TAR3 plans are living documents meaning as soon as one person saves an updated version of the TAR3 plan, be that the owner of the plan or someone else through a shared link, all future access to that plan will see the updated version.
  • Q: When a TAR3 plan is edited through a shared link, how does the organisation or plan owner receive the data back?
    A: The new information is available to the imediately after edits are saved through a shared link by accessing the Edit or Generate functions of the TAR3 plan. Currently there is no notification system in place to signal to the plan creator that a shared link has been used to edit the TAR3 plan but this is being considered for future versions.
  • Q: If an organisation edits a TAR3 plan after sharing the link with a parent / carer, will that parent / carer be able to view and edit the plan if it’s still within the two-week period that the link is accessible?
    A: Yes. Editing a TAR3 plan does not effect the shared link associated with that plan which will continue to provide access to the Edit feature of the TAR3 plan in its most up-to-date state for the duration of its validity period.
  • Q: Can the shared link be used to open and edit the TAR3 Plan on a mobile device?
    A: Yes. The shared link is functional on mobile devices however the user interface is not optimised for extra small screens where there may be some slight overlaping of elements. This should not prevent editting of the TAR3 plan and further small screen size improvements are being considered for future versions.