Privacy Policy – Equi Energy Youth Incorporated (INC 1800495)


Who are we?


Equi Energy Youth Incorporated (INC 1800495) ( EEY ) is an Australian not for profit which provides mental health training and consulting services to support the mental wellbeing of young people in the community. Our headquarters is located in 48 Brown Road, Broadmeadow, NSW, 2292.


We comply with the Australian Privacy Principles ( APPs ) contained in the Privacy A ct 1988 (Cth) ( Privacy Act ) and the Health Privacy Principles contained in the Health Record and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW) ( Health Act ). This policy describes the way that EEY collects, holds, discloses and protects Personal Information.


Part 1 – General Privacy Policy


What is Personal Information?


Personal Information is information or an opinion about an identifiable individual, whether the information or opinion is true or not. Examples of Personal Information we collect include names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, date of birth and your organisation or educational institution.


We may also collect Sensitive Information about you, which is a sub-category of Personal Information, such as your medical history and other health information.


It is your choice of how much information you provide to us, however if you wish to use our mobile application, internet-based clinical system or otherwise participate in our programs or events, we require certain information from yo u in order to provide such services.


How do we collect Personal Information?


We may collect Personal Information about you when you:


a)     contact us using the enquiry f or m on our website;

b)     access services for your educational institution or organi s ation;

c)     acce ss our website services;

d)     use the A pplication hosted and administered by EEY ;

e)     download or order resources from us;

f)      attend an event hosted or sponsored by us;

g)     supply products or services to us; or

h)     apply for, or register your interest in, employment with us


Personal Information is collected by us in many ways including by telephone, email, on our website and A pplication . We don t guarantee website links or policy of authorised third parties.


When we collect Personal Information we will, where appropriate and where possible, explain to you why we are collecting the information and how we plan to use it.


Where reasonable and prac ticable to do so, we will collect your Personal Information only from you. However, in some circumstances we may be provided with information by third parties. In such a case we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are made aware of the informatio n provided to us by the third party.


Any unsolicited information (information we took no active step in collecting) received about you will be handled in accordance with the law. This may include destroying or de-identifying that information we could not have lawfully collected even if it were in fact solicited.


Why do we collect Personal Information?


We collect Personal Information for a range of different purposes. These purposes include to:


a)     contact you regarding further/future versions, updates, mod ifications of the EEY App lication ;


b)     allow access to our website for education and training materials or to use our Application . This includes access by persons receiving support or assistance and their primary carers, as well as access by persons engaged i n the provision of that support or assistance;


c)     provide you with the services, information or resources that you have requested. This may include the establishment and implementation of ca lming plans or support plans and the facilitation of communications between persons receiving support or assistance and their primary carers and the individuals and organisations involved in the provision of that support or assistance;


d)     involve you in programs, campaigns, research, activities or other initiatives undertake n by EEY ;


e)     enable you or your employer to provide services to us;


f)      employ you; or


g)     contact you.


If you do not provide us with your Personal Information, it may not be possible for us to carry out one or more of the above listed functions or activities.


While it is possible for you to interact with us under a pseudonym in some cases, in certain cir cumstances it may be necessary for us to collect Personal Information from you. We will not collect more Personal Information than we reasonably need to in connection with EEY s functions or activities or to otherwise deal with you.


Sensitive Information will only be collected with your consent (such as if you sign up to use our A pplication and where reasonably necessary for one or more of EEY s functions or activities, or as otherwise authorised by Australian law.


Use and Disclosure of Personal Information


Personal Information will only be disclosed to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


We will only use or disclose your Personal Information for the primary purpose for which it was collected. We may also use or d isclose your Personal Information for secondary purposes closely related to the primary purpose, in circumstances where you consent to, and would reasonably expect, such use or disclosure or where we are otherwise entitled to use or disclose the information by law.


We will only use or disclose Sensitive Information about you for a secondary purpose which is directly related to the primary purpose, in circumstances where you consent to, and would reasonably expect, such use or disclosure or where we are ot herwise entitled to use or disclose the information by law.


We may use your Personal Information to send you promotional material in relation to our services from time to time. We may also use your Sensitive Information to send you promotional material wi th your prior consent. If we send you promotional material, we will provide you with the option to opt-out of receiving such material.


We may also use your Personal Information (including Sensitive Information) to create articles, reports, papers, present ations or other outputs. We will not, without your consent, publish your Personal Information in any form unless it has been de-identified or anonymised.


On occasions, we may disclose your Personal Information to another person, such as our external service providers. We will only do so where such disclosure is permitted under the APPs and/or with your consent if required.


We may also disclose Personal Information, including Sensitive Information, in circumstances where we have a legal oblig ation to do so.


Website and cookies


When you visit our website or use our internet-based clinical system , we collect general anonymous information (such as your browser type, information downloaded, pages visited and the domain name and country from whic h you request information) periodically for statistical and website development purposes.


Our website may use cookies to identify the areas of our website that you have visited. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device by y our web browser. Cookies are used to personalise the content that you can see on our website. You can reject cookies in your web browser, if you choose.


Retention and Security of Personal Information


Your Personal Information is stored in a manner that r easonably protects it from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We protect the Personal Information we hold about you with physical, electronic and managerial procedures including security measures for our systems acces s and periodic evaluation of information protection practices.


When your Personal Information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained or for any other lawful purpose (including any applicable recordkeeping requirements), we will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your Personal Information.


Data Breaches


Pursuant to the Privacy Act, we are required to notify the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner ( OAIC ) of any notifiable data breaches. If we h ave reasonable grounds to believe there has been a notifiable data breach, we are required to undertake a reasonable and expeditious assessment within 30 days to ascertain whether a relevant breach has in fact occurred.


If it is determined that there has been a notifiable data breach, and we are unable to take remedial action to prevent the breach from causing serious harm to affected individuals, we are required to draft a statement to the OAIC. This statement must provide a description of the breach, the kinds of Personal Information concerned, and recommendations about the steps affected individuals should take in response to the breach. We are also required to directly notify affected individuals of the content of the statement or publish the statement publicly.


Part 2 – Contact, Complaints and Version


Access to your Personal Information


You may access the Personal Information we hold about you and to update and/or correct it, subject to certain exceptions. If you wish to access your Personal Information, please contact our Privacy Officer in writing, using the contact details below:


The Privacy Officer

48 Brown Road, Broadmeadow, NSW, 2292


EEY will not charge any fee for your access request or charge an administrative fee for providing a copy of your Personal Information. We may refuse to provide access to Personal Information if the law allows us to do so.


In order to protect your Personal I nformation, we may require identification from you before releasing the requested information.


Maintaining the Quality of your Personal Information


It is important to us that your Personal Information is up to date. We will take reasonable steps to make sure that your Personal Information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If you find that the information we have is not up to date or is inaccurate, please advise us as soon as practicable so we can update our records and ensure we can continue to provide quality services to you.


Policy Updates


This Policy may change from time to time and the most recent version will be available on our website. This policy was last updated on the 17 th of March 202 2 .


Privacy Policy Complaints and Enquiries


If you have any queries or complaints about our Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer using the contact details above. When lodging a complaint, please include your name, contact details, details of your complaint and how you wish for the issue to be rectified. We will make every endeavour to respond to your request promptly.


If you are not satisfied with our response or we do not respond to you within 30 days, you may make a complaint in writing to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.